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Baked Golden Delicious Apples Stuffed with Mars Bars

I know, it sounds outrageous. And it is. Outrageously delicious! And if you seriously doubt that, try this:

Apply an apple corer to four golden delicious apples – the variety is vital for this recipe as apples you would expect to be ideal for baking on a barbecue, such as granny smiths, are not – but do not push it all the way though. This is important because for the full effect, you need to retain a seal within the hollowed apple. So, remove the corer when you have pushed is about three-quarters of the way into the apple and dig out the core, and a bit of the surrounding flesh to enlarge the space inside, with a melon baller.

Now, chop a Mars Bar into small cubes of about 5mm and put a few into each apple. Add a few sultanas, some dark brown sugar, and fill the rest of the space, loosely, with Mars Bars cubes. Then, pour in liqueur muscat to fill any remaining space and finish with a few more Mars Bars cubes which can protrude from the apple.

Shape four 10cm squares of foil into rough halos in which you can stand the apples. Place these on a trivet on a hot grill and cook for about 20 mins. When they are clearly cooked – you will know, I promise you – lift the apples off and serve in bowls with a drizzle of pure cream or a dollop of creme fraiche.

And, now, as the apple-chocolate-caramel-muscat syrup drizzles down your chin, say thank you, and apologise for doubting me. OK?


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