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let the flames begin...

THE dark art of real barbecue should take you to a hot and smoky world of glorious aromas, incomparable flavours and food cooked expertly, and out of doors. And if it doesn't, you're not doing it right.

So, let's talk... 
This website is not a place at which you will find fiddly recipes, sooky recipes, or 101 ways of grilling silly things on sticks. In the world of real barbecue, there are only a few recipes you will ever need for each main ingredient to make your mark as a master of the grill. And, in time, we will explore all of these. 

Each technique we outline will have, as you will quickly discover, multiple applications. 
We will, in time, cover the essential types of barbecue devices, necessary pieces of equipment, rubs, marinades, sauces and anything else that will make our lives easier and more delicious.

And we will discuss cuts of meat, which ones work best, and for what. We will cover everything you need to know to make serious barbecue magic. 
Now, I love to barbecue. And I love to eat expertly barbecued food.

And remember, when it comes to achieving barbecue mastery, all you need is a barbecue that you love. And charcoal, or maybe a gas bottle. And a few hickory chips. And a sharp knife and a pair of tongs. And the heart of a lion. And access to this web site, of course. 

But this web site will be only as good as we make it. Together. And if you have a comment, a question, an idea, a recipe, a piece of information about a new or unfamiliar product, or anything else you would like to get off your chest, be my guest. Email me. We're in this together.

May the smoke be with you.

Bob Hart.

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