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Up On His Luck

THE Australian Barbecue Academy's best-laid schemes have gone awry, courtesy of the pandemic that has changed everything. While we await a return to barbecue business as usual and the resumption of Saturday classes – which, of course, have been forced into temporary remission – be reminded of the thrill of the grill with this ludicrous little ditty.

So stock up on charcoal, and stay strong until we can once again revel in the seductive aromas of hickory, pecan, sweet pork, luscious lamb and noble beef.



MY first barbecue book, Heat & Smoke, continues to power along, as many of you would know. But now it has company in the shops: Heat & Smoke II and BARBECUE UNPLUGGED, which offer, quite simply, more (and better!) of the same.

Again, these are books bursting with fun, food, ideas, originality, and some of the best food photography on the planet, thanks to my gifted colleagues Dean Cambray and, in the case of UNPLUGGED, the equally talented Manuela Cifra.

So if you have not picked up one (or all) of these already, I suggest you do so immediately. These are the perfect complements to Heat & Smoke (I). They will certainly extend your barbecue knowledge and, in doing so, it will increase your enjoyment.

Heat & Smoke II and BARBECUE UNPLUGGED offer amazing value. Go to the heatandsmoke.com website for a “double smoke” deal for buying Heat & Smoke books, or to barbecueunplugged.com to buy BOB HART’S BARBECUE UNPLUGGED: The earthy simplicity and incomparable flavours of cooking with fire – out of doors. You can buy it by itself, or as part of a terrific "triple smoke" deal! You know it makes perfect sense ...

And the late-breaking news is – wait for it – that barbecue book four, called BARBECUE GOURMAND and perhaps the most ambitious barbecue book ever attempted, will appear well before the end of 2020.


Triple the smoke!


As many of you know, my classes are generally limited to eight participants and run, on summer Saturdays, from 2.30pm until around 7pm. Everything is provided, and nobody goes hungry! Or thirsty, for that matter – the wine selection is more interesting than ever, with some of my favourite Victorian reds from Plunkett Wines.

Book a place in a class by emailing me and confirming your booking, after you have heard back, by paying $440 ($400 + GST) into the A•B•A account. I will, of course, send you full details.

The dishes vary with the seasons, naturally, but all the favourites will be there – including, in recent years, lamb racks cooked in the remarkable Pit Barrel Cooker, an ingenious and inexpensive new American barbecue that has to be seen to be believed.

Also, we still offer A•B•A Gift Certificates, which have a face value of $440. These come signed and filled out in the name of the recipient. There's no expiry date: they expire when I do!

And there you have it. You will share in a day you will not quickly forget, and you will emerge as a very capable barbecue cook. A master of your barbecue, in fact. I look forward to meeting you over the grill, and through the smoke. Let’s do it!

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